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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Song of the moment..

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Sunday, July 27, 2008


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Saturday, July 05, 2008

I dropped by Su Yee's blog and stole the link to this wonderboydrummer!
Check out the video!!

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Friday, July 04, 2008

I've never really talked about my course mates, have I?! Well I've spent the last three years with them and .. I still don't really know what to say about them.. Other than 'Ju and I stick out like sore thumbs', this whole time, or at least for as long as we've known them, they have lived up to the 'typical (cina) kiasu class mates' we always see them as. Most of them are pretty nice, some are okay.. but we just don't 'click'.

But Professor Noel and Alex had a garden party a few weeks ago, and we finally got to know them a little better (gosh I know..and it's almost the end already).

A group picture together with Alex and Noel

Thats Ju..being herself after a few drinks.

Pit Shie sharing some of the 'electrifying toxic' (that's what its called).

Dr. David demonstrating alternative ways of enjoying wine.
We've been teaching Noel simple chinese phrases. We taught him 'yam seng' that night.

ain't that the prettiest baby you've ever seen?!!

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

"ooh..where do I begin..?"
I tend to think everytime I feel like blogging..yes, it's a rare feeling.


A coupla nights ago, Ju was sorta 'terjaga-jaga' around 5am for no reason. It could be the rain..no idea really. Then all of the sudden, she heard a loud "I QQUUITTT!!!!"
Did I mention, I sleep talk sometimes?..oh yeah, and sleep scream! Creepy stuff ay.
I had a stressful week ok?! Yeah, she couldn't help but laugh and mutter "oh gosh..she's finally lost it". I wonder how many more of this late-night wake-up shouts my flatmates have to endure. Lols.

Trivia! Somniloquy is a term used to describe sleep-talking.


Last week, Ju and I joined a trip to York (Yorkshire) organized by the Student Union. It was pretty interesting, being Malaysians we thought a trip would mean food and touristy sites would be included..Yup, you guessed it. They gave us a map and a list of places which might interest us, and we were on our own!

Ju and I at the City Walls.

Oh well, we had a fabulous time though =) York is a historical county (the Romans, Angles, Vikings were once in power) so there were plenty of forts, medieval cathedrals,
museums to see.

York Minster

We visited the largest medieval Gothic cathedral of northern Europe, York Minster, a treasure house of 800 years of stained glass. It was so magnificent!

Next was
the Shambles, actually means 'slaughterhouse' or meat market, although the name is also used to collectively refer to the surrounding maze of narrow, twisting lanes and alleys. Europe's best preserved medieval street was mentioned in the Domesday Book, so we know its been in continuous existence for over 900 years. Apparently some places on the street is so narrow if you stand with arms outstretched you can touch the houses on both sides.

I didn't bother trying though. I was more interested in looking for Margaret Clitherow's home. She was arrested 1586 for habouring Catholic priests. She was executed by being crushed to death. She was laid out upon a sharp rock, and a door was put on top of her and loaded with an immense weight of rocks and stones. So awful lah! Being in her house really gave us a sense of how much she fought to keep the priests safe, and she held Masses there regularly too.

At the end of the day, we took the York Boat (which i seriously do not recommend, unless you're above 50 years) It was nice to sit back and enjoy the sights of York's rich
(just big houses and parks)..but too slow for my taste.

All in all, we totally had an amazing time! =)

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

"Its so cold here!" is probably my most overused line since I got to Liverpool. I didn't pack any long sleeve clothing after everyone telling me it'd be pretty warm during this time of the year. Oh how mother nature proved us wrong. So that's more shopping for me! yay. Haven't really bought anything since I got here except all the food I've been stocking up on. I'm prepared to hide in my room till the 'winter' goes away...nah! Its too lovely outside. People here are so nice.

My room is pretty tiny, but very cosy (will post some pics soon). Really appreciate the quiet after weeks and weeks of hectic-ness. Quite happy to have some space of my own. The weather is pretty nice until the painfully-freezing-wind hits you. Other than that, I really enjoy walking and exploring the city. I've never walked so much in my life.

Last Sunday, some of my coursemates and I visited the Liverpool Chinese Gospel Church which my senior, also Michelle, suggested . It was a pretty nice church (of course almost all chinese) felt alot like my church at home, people were nice and helpful. Also later that evening, I visited Johnny (Johnson's future flatmate)'s church Liverpool City Church in which I felt very blessed by the worship (lively and acoustic) and by the message.

Will be visiting the Liverpool World Museum (we've taken photos of it but have not gone in it) as well as the Walker Art Gallery tomorrow!

By the way, I miss everyone at home.

This part of the post is especially for Step!
We visited the Anfield "fortress" Stadium yesterday. I personally prefered Everton (the place) better cos it was so beautiful and spacious. But our guide was a huge Liverpool fan and insisted that it was a monstrous/horrible place to be and that we had to leave quickly.
Anyway, pictures paint a thousand words.

Sorry, I couldn't help meself.

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

So eight hours flew by rather quickly,...

I tried watching some of the wonderful (really quite wonderful k, I wanted to watch Michael Clayton and a few others) selection of movies / tv programs / music but somehow sleep was simply more irresistable.

I miss everyone at home already.

We were stalking these two before we mustered up
the courage to ask them for a picture.

Ju and I at the airport.

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